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Today, people are more conscious about fitness, beauty, personality and fashion, due to which the beauty industry is at its peak. Modern outlook of people and rapidly changing lifestyles have given a new meaning to the appearance and looks of people. These days, people are not only conscious about how they look but also how they present themselves. The changing trends and lifestyle has given a new meaning to fashion and physical appearance. Now, people are more aware about their looks, how they look every day and one a particular day or on some special day. People do not hesitate to spend heavy bucks on their grooming. In today’s world, beauty treatment is not only meant for girls or ladies, but also many young boys and men are ready to spend time and money on their beauty treatments. Now, beauty care is not restricted to use of homemade products and remedies. People want some easy products and treatment which are easily available and accessible. Therefore, demand for beauty saloons and spas are increasing day-by-day. Today, cosmetology and beauty treatment business flourishing a lot. It includes knowledge and usage of various beauty products and treatments. Therefore, many people are choosing this fast growing business with great zeal. One of the most important tasks of a beautician is to give appropriate get up by different hair and body treatment.

In India, the beauty industry has significant development in many areas like manufacturing, promotion and marketing of different beauty products. This field offers many career avenues and unique opportunities. A professional of this field can start his or her own beauty saloon, he/she can work as Beauty Saloon- Manager/ Assistant Manager, Beauty Therapist, Beauticians, Beauty Counselor , Beauty Salon Receptionist, Fitness Instructor, Fitness Director, Massage Therapist, Hair Stylists, Creative Director, Nail Technician, Spa Director, Spa-Manager/Assistant Manager, Spa Trainers, Spa Therapist,  Cosmetic Sales-Manager, Cosmetic Sales-Director and many more. The professional beautician can be employed in modeling and film industry. The option to start their own saloon or beauty treatment centre always remains open.

In fact, one of the important reasons that many men and women choose to enter this field is that there is not much restriction and limitations in this field. Once you attend beauty school and have your degree in specific field, sky is the limit to count your success. Many Beauty Schools allow you to specialize in one particular field besides other offerings. But the most sought after career paths in this field are cosmetology (hair cutting and styling and makeup application), nail technology, electrolysis, esthetics, and natural / homeopathic hair and skin care. Hair cutting and styling is a tricky field that requires a lot of training, practice and patience. Most beauty schools start the training with demonstrations and lectures, and then move to hands-on teaching using dolls or mannequin heads. Only after thorough instruction students move on to cutting hair of the real people. Each of the field is creative and interesting, so you should always go for the one which interests you the most and fulfills your career desires.

Beauty course institutions in India:

There are several reputed beauty training schools in India offering various courses to start a career in beauty industry.

Some of the Beauty Schools in India that provides Training are:

1.) Shahnaz Husain Women’s International,

2.) Akbar Peerbhoy Girl’s Polytechnic in Mumbai,

3.) Habib’s Hair Academy,

4.) VLCC Institute of Beauty, Health and Management in Mumbai.

5.) RVTI for Women in Jaipur, Allahabad, Vadodara and Noida,

6.) Aithein Spa Academy, Maharashtra.


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