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To create a beautiful home is not easy, there are many obstacles in designing a house, the creation of the wall, for example, the op strategy is needed to appear to be interesting and interior elements that captivate.

Houses are quiet, comfortable, beautiful and can meet the needs of all the activities of family members. No one if all people dream it. For, the house is a family activity center in a life.

The atmosphere of the room can be obtained through certain elements of the game wall, so that created the atmosphere that is expected. The atmosphere is cool and calm can be created through the wall of gray sand. Meanwhile, natural and warm atmosphere can be achieved through the familiar pattern of the wood texture. So that the elements of texture on the wall not only create a more dynamic atmosphere, but also generate instinct of the material differences.

In the modern period is often found that the contrast material differences between the interior walls with metal characterized the learner rough plaster. This gives the impression not monotone for users. Unlike in the party room luxury, usually used material suede, leather or carpet on the walls give the impression that luxury and exclusivity.

Decorative wall began widely known when the emergence of trends Retro. The use of natural stone mixed with wood and with modern design to give the impression cozy and warm. Previous natural stone is used only for the exterior, it is natural stone and wood design, development, which is quite interesting for the interior. For material that is the natural effect of this atmosphere outside the bullpen brought into the room, and this gives comfort because its natural texture.

In addition, Rustic style walls as the walls begin texture also popular. With expose bricks and coated with a thin stucco and natural color to appear as the natural home face. Display plain brick layer op have to be more easy to care and more beautiful. Through the effect of wall paint can also make effective the old interior, exotic and natural.

Now, the wall learner texture fine as sand or rough wipe or brush even with the mold on the walls of a special, combined with various colors selected for the more impact a different atmosphere.

Gypsum, learner texture wallpaper, games and paint effects to add more beauty texture wall. With a variety of patterns and colors deliberately created to support the desired atmosphere, such as natural, cool, calm, even as a dynamic surprised or lure learner texture wall, gave a different atmosphere and interesting for anyone to touch that view. Walls also effects a more beautiful reflection when exposed to light.

Ceramics used as a doormat and floor, kitchen, bathroom, terrace, swimming pool, and others. Can use in the interior and exterior of the building. The convenience of care into one of the options ceramic use as a doormat. Even ceramic can be combined with furniture such as desks and cupboards to display accents and a certain beauty.


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