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Beauty Pageant Crowns, Banners, and Pins – Oh My


The Internet has made it so easy to find all the items you need to run a successful pageant. There are some wonderful and reliable web sites that sell crowns, pins, banners, sashes, and other gifts.

Of course you should also ask other directors for referrals of dealers they have used for crowns and banners.

If you have 10 divisions in your beauty pageant you will need ten crowns. Sometimes I will get an extra crown and give it as a side award for “Most Beautiful”.

You will also need 10 banners for each division and the banners for the overall winner. Purchase enough matching pins for the banners and sashes.

Pick appropriate crowns for the winners of each division. When selecting crowns for kids, kings and queens, make sure the height is no more than 3-4 inches high.

Remember these small people will be wearing these crowns and banners at other functions so you don’t want something too heavy.

If your pageant has a specialty theme you can purchase crowns that incorporate the theme. Some examples I have seen include Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

The Banner will include the Pageant name and the Division. For example: Teen Miss – Miss New Orleans 2008.

Pageant directors also need to plan for purchasing enough sashes. Sashes are like banners in that they drape over the contestants shoulders and across the waist, but they don’t contain the pageant name or division title. Sashes are great for “Most Photogenic”, “Prettiest Face”, etc. For the kids divisions I give toys instead of sashes.

I will also give a sash for the “Supreme Award”. Before the event contestants are encouraged to sign up with a $20 entry fee for the “Supreme Award”. When the event is over the contestant who racks up the most overall points gets the award. If the person with the most points did not register for this award then it goes to the contestant with the next most points who did register. I give a fur coat out as the award (I will purchase a Faux Fur Coat from Burlington Coat Factory).

For kids crowns I usually spend about $30 each.

On the Older Divisions I’ll spend around $50 each.


Source by Shelly Winters Black

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