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Beautiful and Colorful Flowers With Medicinal Value


There are enormous attractive and colorful flowers in this world. Some of them decorate flowers in their interiors just to increase the beauty of their house; whereas some of them maintain flowers in their garden without plucking them. I love them for their multipurpose use they spread their fragrance, some are used to extract color and some are used for their curative values. Rose is one of the most beautiful flowers with usefulness. It evokes the spirit of love in heart and mind.

Every morning my mother picks up the petals of the rose flower scattered on the green grass and put them carefully in her little basket. She then wash them with clean water and keep aside to let all the water dry from the petals. A clean jar is kept in the sun to dry and put all the petals in the jar and a generous amount of sugar mixed in. This process continues every day till the jar is filled completely. Fresh petals are added to it and the jar is placed under the sun ray for 30 days till the sugar turns into syrup. It turns to Rose jam, a very gentle and cooling mix which benefits the tummy, skin and eyes. My mother is very fond of rose flower and their petals. She picks each petal and uses them for beauty treatment and home remedies. She uses in bath water for aroma and freshness.

The Rose Water also has many benefits it can be applied to the skin for cleansing purposes, few drops in eye to add to the eyesight, to mix in the face pack, also used in the food and desserts; it’s most popular for the beauty treatment.

Rose has the essentials of cooling and soothing effect, it suits all types of skin, it is also used in cooking to enhance the flavor of the food and the fragrance increases the temptation in any dessert. The aroma of this flower gets mixed into the environment and gives the refreshing feeling and activates our nasal sense and different parts of the brain, heart, eye and nose etc.

The bees obtain the nectar from the flower and the honey obtained from this is a lot liked by everyone. The flower is used as a hair accomplice who increases the beauty of the female.

Jam, Jelly, Marmalade, and Soup and brewed for tea, mainly for their high Vitamin C content are most commonly used product made by Rose. They are pressed and filtered to make the rose hip syrup; they are also used to produce rose hip seed oil, which is used for the skin products and some cosmetic product.

The rosewater has a very predominant flavor and is used often in sweets. In the Indian subcontinent, Rooh Afza a concentrated squash used in most of the frozen dessert such as ice-cream or kulfi.

Rose hip is the minor source of vitamin c, mainly used as herbal, folk and traditional medicines.

Rose perfumes are made from rose oil.

Rose water is used for cooking, cosmetic, medicine and religious practices.

It’s used to stimulate the liver, increase the appetite and the circulations.

The herbal tea made of rose petals are given for a menstrual problem, breast pain and soothes a restive fetus.

Due to high vitamin c content its nutrient herbal tea prevents cold and flu and increases the immune system.

The rosewater is used as an eye wash and to clean the skin, it reduces acne and skin irritation, can be used as the base of the face pack. The herbal tea prevents the dryness of mouth.

This essential oil is used as Aroma-therapy for anxiety and depression. This oil can be used for message purpose to relief pain and stress and soothes nerve.

As a variety of antioxidants, flavonoids and polyphenols rose hips are considered to be a good cancer protective and also put off cardiovascular diseases.


Source by Hema Dalvi

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