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Abrasives Hair Removal Techniques – Ancient Hair Removal Method


Abrasive is the most different hair removal method among all the available hair removal methods. With is hair removal method Pumice Stones are used to remove the unwanted hairs from the body. Actually Abrasives are also used to smooth or roughen the surfaces by rubbing.

Some common abrasives are – pumice stone, powdered glass, abrasive hand gloves pumice dust, sandpaper, aluminum oxide. Fine-grained graphite papers are used in metal and woodworking. Pumice stones made from powdered pumice rock are then pressed into solid “stone” shapes. These are available in shops, and their rough texture is ideal for removing dead skin from the feet.

At the time of using abrasive for hair removal, the skin should soapy and wet. Abrasive removes the unwanted hairs from the body very slowly. Because of this reason, Abrasive is not advisable for removing hairs in large amount. Abrasive is done by rubbing the abrasive material like pumice stone/dust, sandpaper etc. on the skin in a circular motion. Actually sandpaper is gentler than the other materials.

Abrasives can be the right method for removing the unwanted fine hairs from the body. For fine hairs, an abrasive like pumice stone should be used. The fine hairs can be removed easily without causing any damage to the skin. Abrasive does cause redness but it disappears after sometime. The result of abrasives last for three weeks.

There is one interesting fact is that Abrasive hair removal method is not used today. It is not popular for removing hairs.

Abrasive hair removal method was very popular in the ancient times mostly by Egyptians and Romans.

Abrasive has both advantages and disadvantages, below they are –

Advantages of Abrasives:

o Abrasive is an inexpensive hair removal method

o Abrasive can be used anywhere on the body.

Disadvantages of Abrasives:

o Distortion of the follicle is common

o Re growth may be irregular

o Should not be used on the skin if there is any disorder or disease

o Sunburned areas are not suitable for abrasive.


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