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A myriad of colourful recipes…. 7 recipes and 7 colours of the Rainbow


We just love the Myriad of colour that the rainbow brings in…, and that we reflect in FOOD too.

Since we eat with the yes first, we all love the food which is presented better and visually beautiful !


Food presentation is just as essential to the success of a dish as its taste and flavour.  The way the food looks on the plate is what tempts our eyes and makes you want to taste it.The color of a food can be used as an element in design. We associate with colors in very specific ways. Greens give the impression of freshness and vitality. Browns, golds, and maroons are warming, comforting, and rich. Orange and red are intense, powerful colors. Colors that harmonize are those that touch each other on the color wheel (for example, green, blue, and violet are complementary colors, while blue and orange are contrasting). Clashing colors are rarely a problem. A more common concern is the overuse of one color on a single display.


The rainbow is a beautiful natural phenomenon; knowing the significance of each of the colors of the rainbow makes it even more beautiful. These recipes give a whole new meaning to the tag line “Taste the Rainbow.”

Just like the rainbow is colourful…, our food preferences are vivid and varied !

‘Rainbow’ is our theme…..so come, Lets see, make, eat and celebrate food with these Best Indian Food Recipes!! 😀



1. Rainbow Swirl Classic Bread


This basic bread recipe is so attractive and perfect…, that you will love making it for kiddy birthdays and make some sandwiches outta them. It is also great as an option for the Indian vegetarian breakfast idea and we assure kids will rejoice !! 😀 


2. Eggless | Vegan| Gluten Free Rainbow Meringue Cookies Video Recipe By Bhavna


Video recipes are so much fun…, and they make the food come out almost so perfectly. The vegan, gluten free rainbow cookies are the thing you must try out asap ! It’s the crunchiest, most decadent way to add some color to your diet ! 😀 



3.Tie-dye Cookies


Cookies….like never before….. coz they’re so so pretty…, that you wouldn’t want to eat them….. Gorgeous and drooling ! The blogger has done a creative job and we could try making these with her easy recipe ! 😀 



4. Eggless Rainbow Marble Cake


Marble cake with two flavours have been so interesting to look at, while this one is a fusion of the rainbow colors. It sure has to be attractive to see and Yummylicious !! 😀 



5. Easy Peasy Rainbow Half Cake


The food which looks pretty, just makes us want to try it all the more. This easy recipe for making a Rainbow cake will make you wanna gobble the finished product, just like a child would ! 😀 



6. Rainbow Dhokla Video Recipe With Natural Food Colors | Step By Step Rainbow Dhokla Recipe


Indian food can have as many colors and still be delicious. This Dhokla recipe is as easy as it gets…. But with a colourful twist ! 😀 



7. Mini Rainbow Whoopie Pies


Whoopie pies are like a sandwich cupcake…, cakes layer with a creamy icing in them. How beautifully made and presented, that we shouldnt miss trying this recipe ! 😀 


Rainbow Ice Cubes: Make your water, lemonade, or margaritas on the rocks much more exciting with simple colored ice cubes. Rainbow will surely highlight your life J



Combining all the beautiful colors of the rainbow in fun and original ways can be intimidating. After all, it is a lot of color to pack into a party.

Be colourful, Be healthy…, stay fit and eat well :)))








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