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10 Ways to Get the Career in Hairdressing That You Want


Due to the hair and beauty industry becoming an increasingly popular career choice for many, it’s never been more important to do what you can to stand out from the crowd. Competition for jobs in hairdressing can be fierce due to the outstanding level of hairdressing talent found throughout the UK. Whether you’re looking to open your own salon or find a hairdressing job aboard a luxury cruise liner, there are many things every hairdresser can do and services that are available to help you find and secure that dream job.

1. Keep learning.

It’s crucial that you continue to learn new skills not only in preparation of future opportunities but to continue doing your current job to the best of your ability. Styles and the industry change often and its important that you remain up to speed with the latest looks and techniques. Asking colleagues can provide experience based knowledge on everything from effective techniques to customer service.

2. Invest in yourself.

Many stylists choose to attend privately run courses. Courses on a range of hairdressing topics take place at locations across the country held by some of the countries finest hairdressing bodies including L’Oreal, Schwarzkopf and many more. These offer an excellent opportunity to stay in tune with latest trends.

3. Increase your knowledge of the industry.

Having a good knowledge of the whole industry can be hugely beneficial. There is a wealth of knowledge available to hairdressers through magazines and the Internet. Another priceless opportunity is to visit a hairdressing show. Several are run each year in the UK with the most famous being Salon International. Hairdressers and salon owners from around the world can watch demonstrations from leading hairdressers, attend business related seminars and view the latest products available from leading manufacturers. Shows like this provide a massive insight into modern hairdressing from stylist jobs to salon management.

4. Lead the way.

It goes without saying that leading by example can open up many extra opportunities that you may not have expected. Relatively straightforward tasks such as the ability to guide younger stylists with any training or offering suitable suggestions to improve the salons business may lead to employers considering you for alternative roles or future openings.

5. Stand out.

Where possible, hairdressers should take opportunities to stand out and display their hairdressing talent. These opportunities include charity events, hair competitions or hairdressing shows. Not only do these events provide an excellent opportunity for recognition within hairdressing but it is also gives hairdressers the opportunity to meet peers and begin networking.

6. Alternative skills.

It’s worth thinking out of the box a little about different skills that may be a bonus to have under your belt. Hairdressing like many other industries has moved into the 21st century and knowledge of computers skills for example, has become a daily part of a stylist’s job.

7. Take advantage of Salonjobseeker.com.

There are many ways to find exciting new opportunities. Salonjobseeker.com can help make the whole process much easier. Jobseekers can view and apply for the latest hairdressing jobs and can also be alerted when relevant vacancies become available in the future. Users register details about the type of jobs they’re interested in and salon jobseeker brings the opportunities to them. The option to upload a CV also means that hairdressers can be headhunted directly by leading employers. An invaluable free job seeking service available at any stage of your career.

8. A Quality CV.

Whether you are looking to begin you hairdressing career or progress further, one of the most important factors is to get your CV and interviewing technique well prepared. The best cover letters incorporate key words and skills mentioned in the job ad. CV’s should be short and sharp. Be selective about the information you provide, only include the information most relevant for the job you are applying for.

9. Interview preparation.

Following a successful application an interview will be required and a little preparation can help make the process a little easier. Learning a little extra information about the salon before arriving is sure to win points. Remember to dress to match the role, don’t foul mouth previous employers or bring up the salary before the employer – all seemingly obvious hurdles. It’s an excellent idea to bring portfolio of images showcasing your hairdressing experience. They are a great way to demonstrate what you are capable of. Most employers ask for some sort of practical test, do what you do and do it well and don’t do anything too clever or off the wall.
10. Stay motivated.

Regardless of whether you manage to land your dream hairdressing job its important to remain motivated. With the hair and beauty industry growing so rapidly and with such quality there is no shortage of excellent opportunities throughout the UK and the opportunity to open your own salon could come sooner than you think.


Source by Roger Pettit

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